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Most Unusual Bottled Water Trends of Today

Bottled water has turned into one of the most popular products of the decade. More recently, China has turned into the world’s largest bottled water consumer, followed closely by the US. The result of that sudden market rise has encouraged bottled water brands to turn to more exotic solutions by:

  • Using new packaging techniques
  • Adding various ingredients in the water
  • Changing the state of water
  • Relying on new sources of water

No more bottles

One of the strangest new trends in the industry is bottled water that no longer comes in bottles. A London-based start-up has begun promoting water in edible packaging. The product comes in the form of small balls and it is said to be cheaper and more eco-friendly compared to plastic bottles. Hopefully, it tastes good too!

Water with a twist

CoconutOne of the qualities of water is that it has no taste. But that is kind of boring, right? That is why now you can easily buy water that tastes and smells like lemons, strawberries, mint and even asparagus. For those looking to improve their health, magnesium-rich water might be the right choice for them. And if you want to preserve your youthful appearance, you can give collagen water a try.

Ice ice baby

The most popular method for purification of bottled water is the carbon filtration process. But a Lithuanian company claims that is has found a way to make the water you drink even purer. How? By freezing it and melting it.

It’s water but not quite

Why drink mineral or spring water when you can have a completely different category of this universal drink. You may already be familiar with coconut water and now you can also buy tree water. The latter is a liquid that is produced by birch trees and just like coconut water, it is technically not even water. The advantage of these types of drinks is that they are supposedly very health-friendly.

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