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People in various regions of the world

It is perhaps pointless to mention that the world is a huge place with many different people. It is not just people, however, just take a look at the diversity we have when it comes to the Animal and Plant Realms. We are not all the same and differ in so many aspects. There are fantastic places to visit and people to meet. We can learn from one another and human interaction is imperative if we want to preserve our existence. Getting to know the main characteristics of people from various continents and areas is really a good thing and we should focus on it more than ever. In the Global Era in which we live communication is easy to achieve and being aware regarding what to say and how to act can make quite the difference. If we expect to make a good impression we are better off knowing something about people in different countries prior to actually talking to them. This is why we will mention some of the more popular areas in the world and how people live, act and speak there. We cannot focus on their customs and reality very deeply but we will definitely take a peak in their way of living. But how do people travel?

Means Percentage
Road 41%
Air 51%
Rail 2%
Water 6%


Europe and the USA compose the so called Western World. This is where the tech advancements are made, where a lot of money is located and where people live well. At least that’s what we are told. According to our reality the western countries have great middle class, people are generally happy and are free to travel and work wherever they wish. The original population is predominantly white or Caucasian. These countries are mostly known for their democratic views and freedom. The origins of this go all the way back to the Renaissance. This is when all the philosophers and other thinkers emerged and came up with great theories on how a country should be run. We have then adopted most of these ideas and today we take pride in living in a fairly democratic region. As far as people go nowadays, Europeans are very business oriented but during the weekends they really like to let go. Englishmen and Germans are known for having large parties during the weekends while French people are a little more conservative and oriented towards traditions. People living in Southern regions of Europe such as Spaniards, Italians and people from the Balkans are noisy, loud and have a temper. They are, however, cordial and really know how to have fun. Food there is great as it has plenty of diversity.

chicagoAs far as American people go, they really care mostly about money. It is hard to look for a certain identity there and they are not afraid to admit it. Their history is not very rich but whatever they have, they really honour it. Along with work, family and food are the other two very important factors in an American’s life. They do not stay late at clubs and are not known for having huge parties all the time. People wake up early and work like crazy. This goes regardless of the nature of their business. They are also great innovators because will come up with great solutions about everyday life too. Such an example is iClean Chicago house cleaning. Being successful in America means coming up with various ways to improve your process and cleaning companies really do it. If you are in the state of Illinois it will not be hard for you to find exceptional cleaners in Chicago. Occasionally Americans can have some fun but it is usually family related. They have adopted most of the world’s cuisines and have modified them to their taste. Some of the best burgers, steaks and pizzas can be found there even though the USA does not have its traditional meals. The same goes for Mexican food as well.

South America is truly a unique place. It has great nature, lots of mountains, rain forests and rivers. But the people there are also fun to be around. The problem with these regions are related to the fact that there is basically no middle class. There are those who are exceptionally rich and there are those who live in extreme poverty. This leads to big crime tendencies and security is not their greatest advantage. You can see some great fiestas there, try unique alcoholic beverages and try some exotic meals (usually seafood) but you need to also be careful. Most cities there are huge as the population is high. This leads to many standards being overlooked. Some areas are not sanitised and you should be careful with who you talk to. Other than that, Buenos Aires really has a great architecture and if you go for a mountain hike in the Andes you cannot go wrong. You should also go to:

  • The Middle East
  • Scandinavia
  • Russia
  • Africa

Visit the far side of Eastern Asia if you want to be blown away. We mean this in a good sense. For most European people these areas are really exotic. This is mainly because of the cultural shock that awaits you once you land there. It is nothing like what you’ve seen in your life. Buildings are different, people are different and the food is…well, different. Our culture has been shaped in such a way mainly because of religion. Since Japan, China, Thailand and others are not Christian countries their mindset is totally different. They are a little bit more flamboyant and don’t really have any taboos. They also work like crazy but there is far less tension. These people are not obsessed with money and really pay respect to their history and to other people. However, they might get easily offended in case you do not behave accordingly.

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