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The Many Benefits of Filtered Water

We all know that drinking water on a regular basis throughout the day can boost our immune system, clean our organism from toxins and even allow us to lose some weight. Just like with most things, however, quantity should not be put before quality. Drinking pure water is the thing that can really make difference to your:

  • Long-term wellbeing
  • Budget
  • Longevity rate

Tap water vs. bottled water

Filtered WaterFor many decades, people have relied on tap water to meet their basic household needs. That continues to be the case since tap water is much more affordable than bottled water. However, the drinking qualities of the former are poorer than those of the latter. That is because in most of the cases tap water contains fluoride, chlorine, as well as many other bicarbonates, sulphates and chlorides. What is more, it is estimated that it is filled with various kinds of contaminants. Bottled water is not any better. Although it goes through a process of purification, the plastic bottles in which it is stored are found to contain dangerous chemicals. It seems that neither tap nor bottled water is perfect. But do not panic yet. There is an easy solution to this water problem – filtered water.

Advantages of filtered water

Water filtering is one of the most effective and affordable water purification methods that exist today. Even basic domestic filtering devices can effectively remove or reduce chlorine which is present in the tap water in many parts of the world. That may not sound very important but it actually is since the long-term use of chlorinated water can greatly increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. Without chlorine, drinking water actually tastes much better. Water filtering also eliminates a wide range of contaminants without removing drinking water’s health-boosting minerals. Another great advantage of filtered water is that it is quite inexpensive. Filtered tap water is much cheaper than any brand of bottled water you can find out there.

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