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Types of Bottled Water on the UK Market

The exhaustive list below accounts for all types of bottled water that is to be found on the market in the UK and the whole world for that matter:

  • Bottled WaterArtesian water is the type of water that comes from a confined aquifer. The method for its extraction is as follows: the aquifer is tapped and then the water that rises to a height above the top of the aquifer is extracted and bottled following special methods and using the relevant equipment.
  • Fluoridated water is one that has fluoride added. It is most often marketed for infants and nurseries, but the original idea behind making fluoridated water is for the protection of cavities. Usually fluoride is added to public water supplies as well, because it is proven to prevent tooth decay.
  • Groundwater comes from an underground source that is under pressure that is either equal or exceeds the atmospheric pressure. Ground water is under close scrutiny by environmentalists, because it is often a victim of pollution.
  • Mineral water is the most popular type of bottled water – actually it is so popular that is has become synonymous with bottled water as a whole. As the name suggests, mineral water comes from mineral springs that have been tapped at one or more bore holes/springs. Salts, sulfur compounds and other minerals that are supposed to be good for your health are contained in it. Have in mind that according to the existing regulations, it is not allowed to add minerals to mineral water, so if for some reason you come across a bottle with a label that says there are minerals added – stay away from it.
  • Purified water is produced by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or any other relevant method for cleaning water of dangerous substances, chemicals etc. Purified water has many applications in dozens of industries – from medicine to car engines – but it is also sold for drinking. Purified water is basically dematerialized water. It is sometimes said to be healthier than tap and mineral water, but this has never been conclusively proven. The first distillations of water are recorded from the 3rd century BC, when the Greeks distilled the water from the Mediterranean for drinking purposes.
  • Water FountainCarbonated or sparkling water (also known as club soda, fizzy water etc) is water in which carbon dioxide was dissolved under pressure. Alternatively, sparkling water is water that contains the same amount of carbon dioxide as when it left the source.
  • Spring water is water that is collected from a natural spring, e.g. a source that flows freely, without intervention, to the surface of the Earth. It is the most natural way water is extracted, and spring water has been in use by humanity since the dawn of time.
  • Sterile water is usually used in hospitals and laboratories, but it has also found its place on the bottled water market as well.
  • Well water is basically water taken from a hole tapping, e.g. a well. Wells can be tapped using drilling, boring and other construction methods.

Have in mind that even though there is such a wealth of bottled water on the market, you should be very careful what you are drinking. For example, mineral water is not advised to pregnant women, and in general drinking large quantities of mineral water on a daily basis may prove to be unhealthy for everyone. Read the labels on the bottles you buy and if you are not sure if a certain brand/type of bottled water is suitable for you, do not be afraid to ask your doctor.

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